Friday, July 08, 2011

Omari Hardwick -Review

Every now and then I see an actor or actress and decide to check out more of their work after seeing them in movies or shows without knowing they were in them. You know you watch a movie and your like who's that guy or lady and then you watch another movie and see them again and you think they are up and coming and kind of talented. So, I want to review Omari Hardwick. First time I saw him was in Next Day Air the next thing I saw him in was Linewatch. After that is was like he is all over the place. Yea yea I think he is handsome but I also think he has talent. I think of him like Michael Jai White but with much better acting chops. I am waiting to see him get more roles that are really out of character for him. He was in an episode of Chase (is that the name of it?)  and I was like here he is again playing the hard guy. In I Will Follow he had a much softer role although he was certainly the muscular hunk but it was nice to see him (well any black actor for that matter) playing the nice guy in a film.  For Colored Girls has been the one role to make me say okay now I like this guy. I hope he gets more work. What do you think?

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