Friday, September 02, 2011

The Help-review

Is it time for me to complain about a movie being too long again? "Hated it" Okay my feelings aren't that harsh but really leave some books on the shelf. This is the type of movie that if it were dated as in if it came out in the 80's it would be easier to appreciate. I was thinking while watching this Shadow and Act should do what is your favorite Viola Davis role? I'm stuck on her Antoine Fisher role. That role not as big as the others I've seen but amazing. I'm getting off subject. I gotta go  might finish this up later but I give it 2 stars only for the acting.


So many young folks I know love this movie. While staying with my niece and nephews that watched this same movie everyday for a week. I really thought it would be amazing better than Up. It was cute. I did cry a little bit but I'm a big softy nowadays. The horse Maximus pictured above was great. I like that they didn't give him a voice but he was still funny. The story is a modern day musical version of Rapunzel. I recommend it for the kids. 3 stars