Monday, October 24, 2011

50/50- review

I got a chance to go to Arclight which is a famous theater in Hollywood. I picked b/w this film and Drive. I really wanted to see 50/50 after watching the trailer.
Synop: a young man finds out he has cancer and a 50/50 chance of survival. The writer/director had cancer and he used moments from his real-life to give the film a personal touch.

The beginning starts off a little slow and pulls out some of that potty mouth humor. I was starting to think maybe I should sneak into Drive. But then it got better much better. I haven't appreciated or enjoyed a film of this genre in a minute. It is a mix of Drama-Comedy&Romance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really shines and Seth Rogen has his moments. I cried a few good times and felt inspired by the story. Sometimes, films try to get too complex and it is nice to just see a regular story.
4 1/2 stars hope it gets a nomination

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