Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Deeds-review

Sigh! I really didn't have any hopes for this one. I saw it and yearned for it to be over. People say this is his best film yet but I think they say that after each new movie he has.

The film is about Wesley Deeds a man living his life for others but meets a woman with a young child that makes him turn his life around. Goes to show what one good deed can do for your life. I had a hard time believing Thandie Newton. The film was just predictable and flat. I even started saying to myself what's up with this scene that couldn't really happen or they don't do that.  There was one scene that made me cry but as a mom I could relate. It wasn't funny and it wasn't moving. He "usually" hits one of those. 1 star

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stay tuned for

My review of "The Descendants" and "Good Deeds"

The Vow-review

The Vow- a story about a couple who get in a car accident and the wife loses her memory of her husband. The story continues with the husband (Channing Tatum) trying to make his wife(Rachel McAdams) fall in love with him again. The film was cute but not one I would want to watch again and again. I feel like Channing Tatum is a bad actor but I don't think that is it I think he acts like how he is in real life and it comes off as kind of flat. Rachel McAdams is just pretty like who is even listening to what she is saying when she talks. I think with the right part she could win an award. The movie fails to give you some sort of happy love story. However, it did make you think about how love true love will keep people together.  Lastly, I kind of wished that the wife's ex-fiance was the male lead in the film. 2 stars

Monday, March 05, 2012

Men in Black 3- trailer

I so want to see this!