Monday, April 16, 2012

Hard to post so sorry

It has been hard for me to work my blog into my life sorry. I have two more reviews to write. I saw We the Party and I saw the new Bob Marley documentary. Stay tuned for those two reviews. I think the Marley film comes out on the 20th. "Yes it's Lee Scratch Perry on the Bob Marley documentary"

The Descendants-review

Just more overused characters, angry swearing teenager, angry husband. Felt like the film was trying to be funny I mean like the reading the script the scene was probably fun but on screen it was not funny.
The movie is about a husband whose wife is on life support and while wondering if it's time to pull the plug he discoveries from his estranged teen-age daughter that she was having an affair. Doesn't that sound exciting? My positive comment about the film is that it made me want to go to Hawaii and the surrounding islands.

A Thousand Words-review

I swore I put up my review for this one.
I took my son with me to see this movie. We almost got through the whole film but I ran out of cookies and he got fussy in the last 15 minutes. He slept during the first half.

Anyways, the film is about Jack played by Eddie Murphy who after tricking a guru has his life reflected through a tree that grows in his back yard. Now he and the tree are one and anything that happens to the tree happens to him along with if he speaks the tree loses leaves. If the tree loses all it's leaves it will die. His discovery of this leaves him with a thousand words.

I get excited about Eddie Murphy films with the potential to make me laugh. This wasn't a very funny film. Watching the first part of it I kept thinking this was a bad movie selection. As it went on it got better and turned out to be a heartwarming flick.

A Separation

This was a good film. It was little over-hyped for me. A few friends said it was either their fav. film of the year or it made their top list. The film tells the story of a husband and wife living in Iran. The wife wants to leave the country and take their child while the husband wants to stay and take care of his sick father. In the midst of their fight the husband is arrested on criminal charges and the film turns into a dramatic piece about who is right and who is wrong. I think it should make your to watch list.

4 Stars

Trailer below