Monday, April 16, 2012

Hard to post so sorry

It has been hard for me to work my blog into my life sorry. I have two more reviews to write. I saw We the Party and I saw the new Bob Marley documentary. Stay tuned for those two reviews. I think the Marley film comes out on the 20th. "Yes it's Lee Scratch Perry on the Bob Marley documentary"


  1. I was looking for great movied about Relationships, Romance, Or Love. So I ended up at your blog. Looking forwarding to read some reviews of good movies

  2. Bob Marley Doc. is a bit long but amazing in its scope, detail and beauty. The movie is playing at Seattle's Varsity.

  3. @dating and relationships I am a sap. I love a good romance movie.

    @filipino woman I agree. I think they did his story justice. I may buy it on dvd

  4. hey guys can you suggest some romantic movies i really don't have any idea about it because most of the movies i watch are horror movies. I really need to know some romantic movies because my friends are coming here in our house this weekend and they want to watch some romantic movies

  5. Hi,
    Good romantic movies.
    There is "The Notebook" everyone loves that one.
    "Big Fish" "Sleepless in Seattle"
    "love actualy" "my big fat greek wedding" "amelie" "lost in translation" "love and basketball" not sure if you want too many foreign films let me know