Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sparkle 2012 review

Sparkle in a theater near you. Honestly, I only wanted to watch this film to see Whitney's performance. I didn't watch the original before seeing this one. The original came on BET the next day so I watched it then(that review is coming up next).

The film is about 3 sisters who form a singing group once convinced by a music manager that they have something special. The oldest sister is the wild one played by Carmen EjogoTika Sumpter plays the sister that doesn't want to sing but does it for the money. Jordin Sparks plays the sister that writes the music and falls in love with their manager. They have an overbearing God-fearing mother who doesn't want them to sing because of her past as a singer.

I chose this picture because it was my favorite look from their montage.  The acting was cool. Carmen Ejogo was the stand out performance.  The music is very catchy. At one point I felt like I was waiting for this film to pick up. There was never an exciting moment for me.  I'm not sure if a remake can be done that will be better than the original.  I think they should have gone ahead and brought it into 2012 instead of keeping it a period piece. In the end they made a different film. The thrill of these types of films is gone. The one final song that is supposed to have the audience in the theater shouting for joy and clapping is just getting lame. Although, after this one I was impressed with Jordin Sparks singing she has def. grown.  BTW the way if you were hoping for a lot of Cee-lo fun he is only in about 5 minutes of the movie.

Breaking Night Poster

Yolonda Ross from Treme and Antwone Fisher has a new short film that will premiere at the New Orleans Film Festival (it was also shot in NOLA). I want to see it, do you? Check out the poster below...

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Oldboy remake

I'm think of putting a banner on this blog asking Spike Lee to hire me to be on this production. I just want to say I worked with Spike once. I'm not sure how I feel about this remake. The original Korean film was one of the first Korean films I've ever seen. I think their sort of dark humor and their own definition of horror will be hard to recapture. I think these will be two totally different films for sure.

Beasts of the Southern Wild-review

I put up an ad on craigslist for someone to go with me to this one. I met up with this very nice lady around my age. It was great to have someone to go with and talk to about the film.

I really thought I wouldn't be able to see this film until I googled movie show times and saw it was playing here. It makes sense since they had the premiere here but I'm so used to the city not getting some indy films.

Beasts of the Southern Wild- The film was good. It made me cry. I love hearing the New Orleans accent throughout. I like films that are more of a metaphor than biographical pieces. This story is about Katrina but it tells it's own story too which is how it wins. The fathers acting stood out to me way more than the daughters but she was good too (especially for raw talent).  There are parts of it I felt that weren't necessary. I would have been fine with believing that their home was this way just because they live on that side of the levee. There is another part about the creatures coming that I think they merely hinted at and in ways made the threat of them not seem so relevant or even pertinent. Plus, there are so many story elements that just make me ponder what he was trying to say. It does play the deep role. This has to make your list of best films you've seen this year. It is a good story and good stories have been missing in action in this decade of remakes.

next review should be of Hugo I started it and may finish tonight. 48 hour film project this weekend. I'm ready to miss out on sleep.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

New Movies

I have not been able to make it to the movies. I'm going to try to watch a netflix,snagfilms, or hulu movie tonight. If you have any suggestions drop me a line.

Glory at Sea

There is a lot of buzz going around about the film "Beasts of the Southern Wild" which I have yet to see. However, when I saw the trailer I said this reminds me of a short film I watched. Two and two together same guy. So if you are like me and waiting to be able to see the feature film here's a little bit of what the director has to offer. Some of my local industry buddies are in his short film.  You will enjoy it.