Thursday, August 09, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild-review

I put up an ad on craigslist for someone to go with me to this one. I met up with this very nice lady around my age. It was great to have someone to go with and talk to about the film.

I really thought I wouldn't be able to see this film until I googled movie show times and saw it was playing here. It makes sense since they had the premiere here but I'm so used to the city not getting some indy films.

Beasts of the Southern Wild- The film was good. It made me cry. I love hearing the New Orleans accent throughout. I like films that are more of a metaphor than biographical pieces. This story is about Katrina but it tells it's own story too which is how it wins. The fathers acting stood out to me way more than the daughters but she was good too (especially for raw talent).  There are parts of it I felt that weren't necessary. I would have been fine with believing that their home was this way just because they live on that side of the levee. There is another part about the creatures coming that I think they merely hinted at and in ways made the threat of them not seem so relevant or even pertinent. Plus, there are so many story elements that just make me ponder what he was trying to say. It does play the deep role. This has to make your list of best films you've seen this year. It is a good story and good stories have been missing in action in this decade of remakes.

next review should be of Hugo I started it and may finish tonight. 48 hour film project this weekend. I'm ready to miss out on sleep.


  1. Your blog post has me curious. If this is a must-see movie, I wonder what makes it so special. anyway, I am going to check it out just to see.

  2. hi,
    you should check it out if you have any interest at all. it is worth the trip to the movies. bring tissue if you cry a lot.

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