Saturday, November 17, 2012


Flight- featuring Denzel Washington is about a pilot who remarkably lands/crashes a falling plane eliminating causalities. Investigations begin concerning what caused the crash and the pilot (Denzel) is under scrutiny when it is discovered he may have been under the influence at the time of the crash.

The film is good. Denzel is good. Seeing the plane crash is great on the big screen. There are times when the dialogue seemed so odd and then there are other times when it works so well. The film starts telling two stories. The other story is about a female junkie that Denzel meets later in the film. I don't know if they brought her in just as a love interest or to make the lead character change. If it is the latter I'm not sure that was done. I think he changed more from internal forces. The film also stars Don Cheadle as Denzel's lawyer. Much love for Don great job by him too. John Goodman is quirky and under used.

This film has a lot more heart and charisma compared to one of his other action films cough cough Unstoppable cough cough.

Spoiler: One of my favorite lines from the film was "How we say down in Georgia all day long"

4 1/2 Stars The ending makes it not a 5.

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