Thursday, August 01, 2013

2 Days in New York -review

You know I have been thinking for some time why is it the image of French people in American films is so stereotypical maybe that's not the correct word. Anywho, Netflix is swimming with films that have been on my radar. This film was a hit at Sundance. I watched the film for Chris Rock. I totally think the film would of had the same feel without him  though. Chris Rock wasn't used to his comedic ability. It was all a mellow chuckle fest. This film is about love or is it about a woman swarmed with stress.
2 Days in New York- centers around a couple when the wife's family visits them in New York. There is chaos and French jokes. There are bonds made and love conflicts. It's not a film I would want to own but I enjoyed it for the time it streamed.

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