Thursday, August 01, 2013


I haven't blogged since last year wow. 
Luv- is on netflix where I watched it so you can too. Imdb describes this as an 11-year old boy discovers what it's like to be a man after a day with his uncle. I'd say this is more about the uncle trying to get right and his nephew get's caught up in his conflicts. I approached the film with an open mind but I just didn't get into it. There are tons of cameos from actors who worked on The Wire. The film opens on an odd note and I just don't feel the two actors held my interest. It hasn't had a bunch of good reviews and my friends that have watched it agree with me that it just wasn't good. I liked the story idea and had it been more intense like a bio of those infamous gangster kids I think the film would have really gone there. I feel like they approached the subject in such a light way.  I'm going to give it two stars. 

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