Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best Man Holiday- review

Another long after sequel. I think I was a senior in high school when the first Best Man came out. The sequel reunites the friend for a holiday weekend hosted by Morris Chestnut's character and his wife Monica Calhoun. Secrets are revealed and people bump heads. Clarity comes to those needing it and I had a good time at the movies. This sequel doesn't disappoint. Great seeing an ensemble cast of talented actors.


Monster's University-review

I'm a parent. I referenced this film in a job interview when asked " how would I describe teamwork?"  I remember the first film came out while I was in my first years of college. Huge gap like the next film I plan to review. In this pre-quel we go back to Mike's childhood and why he wanted to become a scarer. He goes to Monster's University to become the scariest monster. While, in school he meets his friend from  the first film Sully and they bump heads. They get kicked out of the scarying  program and compete with a fraternity of un-scary monsters to get back in the program. The film was great I really enjoyed it. It was colorful, humorous, and a good follow-up.


November 27th releases

Frozen, Black Nativity, and Oldboy.......

Which one is going to be number 1 at the box office?


Went to the movies with the kiddo and set through two films. I was skeptical about this one. The story is about Dusty Crophopper a crop dusting plane that wants to become a racer. He enter a big plane competition and qualifies to race. This an underdog story. We were late for Monsters's University so I settled on this film since it did not start yet. I wanted to just go see the other movie after the first few minutes but we stayed for the whole film. The story wasn't original and it relied heavily on dialogue. It was cute but not very entertaining. Afterwards, we went to see Monster's University.


Lee Daniel'sThe Butler -review

I watched this in July just never got around to blogging. I enjoyed those hours in the theater watching this stroll through the decades. The film tells the story of a slave turned butler (Forest Whitaker) who becomes a butler for the white house and has a lifelong career there. Notes about the film: Strong acting, lengthy, heartwarming, good story...