Thursday, August 29, 2013

Intouchables- Review

It's been a long time since I've watched a movie that made me feel this good. I was skeptical b/c I looked at the cover and thoughy here we go again black people white people how will they learn to appreciate each other or how will one make the other better. However, the film made it less about race and more about status (of course blacks are typically seen as poor but yea anyway).  It is interesting that it is based on a true story and the man in real life is not black or well actually West- African but he is Algerian.

Intouchables- starring Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet. It tells the story of Fracois' character Philippe bound to a wheel chair hiring a caregiver for his day to day needs. Omar's character Driss a petty criminal interviews for the job to get gov't benefits only to be hired instead.  The pair get to know each other as Driss learns the ropes of his job. Driss' hard exterior eventually sheds and the two become great friends. The two help each other heal from their life wounds and together they experience new things for the first time. Well acted by both leads and after you get through the first 20 minutes or so of the film that almost seems far out of place the movie then moves well with humor and emotion.  What a well told story. I laughed a lot and almost cried. I even want to watch it again soon. Go get your foreign film on.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Trailer The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

Black film 2013

A friend mentioned this is a big year in Black film. It has been many years since several black films came out in one year. This year is different b/c many will be Oscar contenders. I've only seen two of them, Fruitvale Station and Lee Daniel's The Butler. Some won't contend for the Oscar but are still getting tons of buzz like 42 and The Inevitable defeat of Mister and Pete. Well, what are you excited about and what have you seen?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oldboy remake Trailer

Hop - review

Got this one at redbox looking for something for the tot. What a crappy movie this was? I don't think Easter has enough fans for kids to get excited over an Easter Bunny movie. The Bunny character is extremely obnoxious. On top of this the film makes a hot guy like James Marsden unattractive and dumb should be banished.

The film is about the son of the Easter Bunny who wants to be a drummer instead of inheriting the job. He ventures from Easter Island to Hollywood and by happenstance meets with James Marsden's character an out of work guy that is a disappointment to his family. The two become friends and help each other get what they want out of life. Full of a bunny pooping jelly beans and a character with an accent as a sidekick. My son was easily distracted when the cartoons weren't on the screen. Better kid's movies out here folks for sure.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Book Review Walter Mosley- Little Green

Fruitvale Station- review

"The best street movie since Boyz N the Hood" I heard this on the radio several times before I went to see it. That's a bold statement and although it is a good film I wouldn't call it a street movie. What little focus the story pays to the streets is just that the brother was trying to turn his life away from the ways of the street. I walked into this film emotional. I will never get the actual footage of him being shot out of my head. The fact that it can be watched again and again on youtube is absurd to me but another subject.
Fruitvale Station- is based on the real-life of Oscar Grant a day in his life. Someone said this is more like a character piece than a film with a plot. Yea okay that's a way to look at. The film shows you all the people important in his life his girlfriend, daughter, mom, friends, and family. Michael B. Jordan plays Oscar and he does a great job (one day he won't play a street kid). Octavia Spencer has some nice hair throughout the film lol I just had to say that. I cried like a baby at the end of the film. Being a mom now I see the world differently. I enjoyed the film and I think they did a great job of telling the story. The film paints the kid in a very positive light yet showing his aggressive side too. The pacing is slow but once they get to the subway it picks up. I def. say everyone should go see it. Will it win an oscar I don't know but it wasn't better than Beast of the Southern Wild however maybe just maybe those who vote will see this as a Hurt Locker and praise it for bringing current issues to the big screen.

Spoiler: At the end when they showed his daughter at the rally I was so sad.

4 1/2 stars 

2 Days in New York -review

You know I have been thinking for some time why is it the image of French people in American films is so stereotypical maybe that's not the correct word. Anywho, Netflix is swimming with films that have been on my radar. This film was a hit at Sundance. I watched the film for Chris Rock. I totally think the film would of had the same feel without him  though. Chris Rock wasn't used to his comedic ability. It was all a mellow chuckle fest. This film is about love or is it about a woman swarmed with stress.
2 Days in New York- centers around a couple when the wife's family visits them in New York. There is chaos and French jokes. There are bonds made and love conflicts. It's not a film I would want to own but I enjoyed it for the time it streamed.


I haven't blogged since last year wow. 
Luv- is on netflix where I watched it so you can too. Imdb describes this as an 11-year old boy discovers what it's like to be a man after a day with his uncle. I'd say this is more about the uncle trying to get right and his nephew get's caught up in his conflicts. I approached the film with an open mind but I just didn't get into it. There are tons of cameos from actors who worked on The Wire. The film opens on an odd note and I just don't feel the two actors held my interest. It hasn't had a bunch of good reviews and my friends that have watched it agree with me that it just wasn't good. I liked the story idea and had it been more intense like a bio of those infamous gangster kids I think the film would have really gone there. I feel like they approached the subject in such a light way.  I'm going to give it two stars.