Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lone Survivor-review

Well, Lone Survivor- is about a team of Navy Seals and based on their real-life mission in Iraq. From the tittle I'm sure you can guess what happens and maybe you don't want to sit through it knowing that. Or perhaps instead you want to see why the story needed to be told. I don't know what type of person you are. What I do know and I'm going off subject but on this film did what The Hurt Locker didn't it showed you what are soldiers are really doing. It didn't try to be artistic and discuss a serious issue. It went full on action in your face. I understand the mental illnesses warfare causes and The Hurt Locker just danced around that. Okay back on subject this is an emotional film. Let us not forget soldiers are dying fighting for what they believe is right. This is a good tribute to the Seals and other special op groups. 
Giving it 4 stars...for action scenes, acting, and story

All these talented and good looking actors in one film.  


  1. I've heard that this movie is difficult to watch. I can only imagine what those guys went through. I saw the 60 Minute special on this.

    I've enjoyed reading through your blog. Following you now.


  2. I have so much respect to all the soldiers who serve our country.
    I have to watch this movie just to pay a little tribute to all the soldiers out there. Hats off to these brave guys!

  3. thank you ladies for commenting. I hope you enjoy the page msmariah. It's so hard to get online sometimes.