Sunday, February 23, 2014


Stumbled on this dvd this week. I had never thought about the seeing the film before and I vaguely remember when it came out. However, this was a great find. The story focuses on a macaw bird named Blu that fell from the nest as a baby and became pet. His owner is convinced to take him to Rio De Janeiro to mate with another macaw. With several comedic characters to guide Blu on his adventure this film is full of laughs and emotion contribute to this unique storyline. Now I really want to go to Rio. The imagery and attention to detail in the animation of this film made it deserving of rewards. There are times when I think geez I've never seen such beautiful colors and detailed animals. I have watched the Lion King a hundred times but seeing what they are able to do with computer animation to totally transfrom the kid's film industry impresses me.

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