Thursday, May 01, 2014

After Earth- remarks

Update 9-6-14
I watched this movie finally. This was supposed to be a good movie. It dragged so much. I wish they didn't use so many flashbacks and just let the childhood scene play out. This was supposed to be this compelling sci-fi adventure of father and son and the son becoming as good as his father. All of that was there in the storyline but it didn't feel like that watching it. Sigh...I think you can get pass the slow pace of the film and just go along with it and connect to it though.

Meh I want to like this film more....
Two stars

Warning this isn't a review. Okay I checked out After Earth from the library being the Will Smith junkie that I am. I've discovered the libraries here seem to have inherited the collections of closed blockbusters and Hollywood videos. Thus, becoming my go to alternative to Redbox. I tried to watch this film but I have to admit it was a struggle getting into it.  I constantly have distractions but I just kept thinking I need to give this too much attention and I don't want to. Anywho, I brought it back so I wouldn't be charged for it.  The fine for late dvds is a dollar. After, checking out 7 dvds and returning them two days late then convincing a wonderful amazing maybe I should by them a gift librarian to clear my fines I'm done with late fees. All of that being said I would like to revisit the film at some point. I can't say I've watched all of his films except this one.

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