Saturday, January 11, 2014

Netflix Radar

Saw these ladies perform recently so now I want to watch the film.

Two reviews coming soon

Ride Along and Man with the Iron Fists. Going see The Nut Job in the morning.

Lone Survivor-review

Well, Lone Survivor- is about a team of Navy Seals and based on their real-life mission in Iraq. From the tittle I'm sure you can guess what happens and maybe you don't want to sit through it knowing that. Or perhaps instead you want to see why the story needed to be told. I don't know what type of person you are. What I do know and I'm going off subject but on this film did what The Hurt Locker didn't it showed you what are soldiers are really doing. It didn't try to be artistic and discuss a serious issue. It went full on action in your face. I understand the mental illnesses warfare causes and The Hurt Locker just danced around that. Okay back on subject this is an emotional film. Let us not forget soldiers are dying fighting for what they believe is right. This is a good tribute to the Seals and other special op groups. 
Giving it 4 stars...for action scenes, acting, and story

All these talented and good looking actors in one film.  

Sunday, January 05, 2014


(Doing this from my phone forgive the format issues)
Nebraska-is about a father making the trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize. 

When the film comes on I'm wondering if the acting is going to improve. I really didn't feel anything for the film until the last 30 minutes. It wasn't until then that the characters gave me a reason to like them. This was like lol the mid-western version of Lottery TIcket an urban film about a young man with a winning lottery ticket. 
That being said if this were a 45 minute film packed with all the little sweet touches about how people act when they think you have money. Then followed by the lead hushing those who've done him wrong his whole life or if you want to look at it a different way where that lead is  given something to make him feel better about his wasted life. All of this is probably why people love the film. Me no love but I liked it. 
3 1/2 stars 

Dallas Buyers Club-review

"what hook me up to a little morphine let me just fade out?...I'm sorry miss I prefer to die with my boots on"

Dallas Buyers Club- tells the story of a man who discovers he has HIV. He befriends a transgender man who also has HIV and together they start a business supplying non pharmaceutical drugs to others with HIV.

This film has a lot of strong elements. Strong acting, strong script, good direction, emotional. Def. one of the best films I've seen this year. From all I read about the film before seeing it I thought Jared Leto was the star but he is hardly a co-star.
Matthew McConaughey acted his socks off.
4 1\2 stars


Let it go let it go oooooooooo
Frozen -tells the story of two sisters alone in a kingdom. (Why i don't know i missed the first ten minutes trying to watch in a crowded theater on Christmas day) Anyhow They welcome in visitors from neighboring kingdoms and it is discovered that one sister has a secret power of being able to freeze things and create winter related things like cute snowmen and icy monsters. Embarrassed by her secret the sister accidentally freezes the whole kingdom and runs off.  Her lovesick sister chasers after her to have her unfreeze the land and through this journey they both discover themselves and what true love is about.  My son liked when the snowman was on the screen.  The music was good but I don't think this was the best animated movie of the year.  Going to give it 3 stars.