Sunday, August 24, 2014

Her - review

I imagined myself writing this review several times.

Her- is the story of a man that falls in love with his operating system. The operating system has a sexy voice and their love affair is pure bliss for this recently detached man. However, jealous becomes an issue for the two of them and eventually the operating system moves on. I guess I would feel like an ultimate loser to be dumped by my computer.

I caught this film at my local libraries film night. I was joined by three older women that made the experience all the more enjoyable. Their commentary was perfect. One lady said "they're all crazy in this movie" another said "if thats how they have sex in the future they can keep it". As great as the cinematography was and the script was original it was still a nutty lonely person movie. I think the old ladies saw it for what it really was beyond the art.

Giving it two and a half stars....

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Note to self

Review Her, Amour, 42, life of pi, and Hereafter, philomena

Get on Up- review

Here we go
Get up
Get on up
Get up pppp
Get on up

I'm trying to get my review out while it's still a hot topic.

Get on up- is a film made by the same director that brought us the timeless piece The Help (ha). The film tells the story of the funk musician and legend James Brown's introduction into music and his rise to fame.

Now, when I saw Chadwick Boseman the actor that plays James many years ago on a show I looked him up. I thought he was good looking but also very talented. Next thing you know he's getting leading roles. I can't remember if I reviewed 42 but I saw it.

Anyway, the film Get on Up takes us on a musical journey. I have heard many James Brown songs but none are songs that I love so let's say this review isn't coming from a fan's viewpoint. The acting is great from Chadwick, Viola Davis, Lennie James, Dan
Dan Aykroyd and Nelson Ellis. While other actors that are pretty good were hit with bit roles and one liners. I enjoyed the film for the most part. There were musical numbers that just didn't seem to have the spark they needed to get you into it.  I love a good musical too even brand new music to my ears can move me but these performances were bland. I thought I would want to dance in my seat. However, there are a few good musical moments such as Caledonia and Try me that are also some of the best scenes. The biggest complaint that most of us have is that it is all over the place never staying on one path to sum up the man's life. It's like a visual collage with a funky soundtrack hinting at bits and pieces of the more highlighted parts of his life. I don't think I know anything more about James Brown now after setting the movie. Maybe it wasn't meant to be a bio. I think they missed an opportunity to tell us who he really was and make a tribute to him.  A friend of mine stated there were too many film styles going on far from the normal feel of The Help. The film features Chadwick breaking the third wall, flashbacks, and many many stylized shots. I understand my friends point. Here's the last thing with such a great portrayel you can overlook much of it's flaws and just take the ride. 

Three Stars for the acting