Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dear White People -review

I finished watching this yesterday.

"Dear White People"- centers around four black students dealing with racial identity at a predominantly white university. That's not the best description because the main character is Samantha White played by Tessa Thompson. Her storyline of being the main radical for justice on campus overshadows the other storylines but they stand out as well. The important thing we see is the racial identity issues.

The film was artistically shot and told a good story. I believe current college students could really relate to the film. The film took a more sensible approach to the subject of race and explored how we begin to define ourselves differently in college. It wasn't "Higher Learning" which had a more angry undertone. "Higher Learning" being from another decade couldn't tell the story of racism in college the same way. Overall, "Dear White People" is a passionate piece of work that shows the points of view of many Black youth growing up in a race driven culture.

Three stars

Sn: I had to cover my son's eyes during kissing scenes.

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