Thursday, July 02, 2015


Home- tells the story of an Alien named Ohh who along with his kind take over planet earth after vacating their home planet. They relocate all the humans to a new home but one little girl and her cat were forgotten. The girl Tip played by singer Rihanna, is on a quest to find her mother and feels Oh's kind are evil. Oh mades a huge mistake that puts his kind in jeopardy. He convinces Tip he will help her find her mother in order for him to escape punishment. Together, they build a friendship and help each other along the way.  

This was a fun film. Although, I though Oh's voice was super annoying I eventually started to like him. The story was semi-original but not dynamic. I did get weepy towards the end which means it did it's job by being a feel good movie. My son sat in my lap and didn't move during the entire film    (I'm not sure if you understand how big that is). We have spent many days listening to the soundtrack in the car. The soundtrack certainly added to the films charm. This would be a great film to own and watch again. Four Stars....

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