Saturday, July 11, 2015

OUT ON DVD: Top Five- review

Top Five- Written and directed by Chris rock and also starring him, Top Five is a fresh romantic comedy. The film centers on a comedian played by Chris Rock who is looking for his next big career hit. He's had a lot of bad press in the past and is now the subject of an interview by a journalist played by Rosario Dawson. The two spend the day together as Chris Rock's character runs his errands for the day like picking up wedding rings for his wedding. What happens through the day is that the journalist's questions get answered, two adults start to like each other, and the lead characters re-think their lives and their opinions of each other.

A simple plot that takes place in one day sprinkled with comedic cameos and hilarious scenes. I laughed through most of the film. This is a film I'd even like to own. This was certainly not for the easily offended  as the jokes tend to cross the line. Good romantic comedies are hard to do and this one is a little more comedic than romantic something like Bridesmaids which I also really enjoyed.
Randomly, I enjoyed this film on a date at one of those dinner and a movie theaters so all things combined this was  a great night.
(this wasn't a moving film or the typical great film but it was pretty darn good and you know what  comedies deserve high ratings too)

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