Monday, April 04, 2016

Eddie the Eagle-review

Eddie the Eagle- is a good feel good movie. I did a double feature with my son the day I saw this. My son is 5 and he wasn't really into the movie. He only really liked the ski jump scenes. Oh yea by the way, this film is based on a true story about a Ski Jump legend named Eddie nicknamed Eddie the Eagle. I too was a bit bored at times during the film. I think they overdid the I guess you'd call it the signature facial expressions Eddie was known for and making him appear as a total underdog. What I did like was, the overall message of the film common in these types of movies like "never give up on your dreams" and you can do anything" stuff like that. I also chose this film for the subject matter. I am constantly trying to expose my son to as many things as possible (you know what I mean).  Kids nowadays are usually told of generic professions and so few know about all the things you can do and become.  I think we should encourage kids to dream of less ordinary options. So, because of that, because positive images are good and because we also want to show them what courage looks like I support films like this.

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