Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Angry Birds - Review

     Okay, I'll start by saying this.... I took my kid to the movies so I could take a nap therefore I apologize and must say that this isn't a fair review (you know since I missed a good 20 minutes of it in the middle and we were late so the first 10 minutes as well). Heck, I probably shouldn't even review this one but I'm going to anyway cause that's what I do write film reviews. 

     Alright, 'Angry Birds' - is about a bird named Red (the red bird) that has anger issues. Red keeps to himself in a home he built away from all the other birds in his community. He is sent to anger management and meets three other birds with their own issues. These other birds are not really angry with one being a troublemaker, one that explodes spontaneously, and the other one is grumpy.  It's as if Red is the only real "Angry Bird" most of the film, until a group of green Pigs visit their Island and make them react but still they don't really get angry. 
          They made sure they put a slingshot in the film so we could watch birds fly into stuff just like the game. They also seemed to feature all the various birds from the game and their special weapons. I've played the game a couple of times (years ago like when it first came out) so I don't remember all of the birds.  My son did enjoy it but I mean we haven't been in a kid flick yet that he said he didn't like. Compared to other kid's films this year,  this film was trying too hard to be funny or even interesting. Although, Chuck (the yellow bird) is pretty funny throughout the film.
              Spoiler: I actually liked the Mighty Eagle character/storyline and wish it would have been used better to convey the message that seemed so random at the end. In the end, Mighty Eagle tries to get Red to understand that he wanted him to believe in himself before he came to save the day.           Instead, of giving Red a true champion moment they gave him acceptance into the community. What do we have here folks? Red is a bird with pain from the past that has made him the angry bird he is today. Making this a movie about a bird ridiculed for being angry who later uses his anger for good and then later controls his anger welcoming others into his life. Meh! 

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