Sunday, May 15, 2016

Streaming- Last Love and Let Go- reviews

I just got back from reading their review of the film (while looking for an image to use).  The reviewer didn't like this film so much. I watched it because on Netflix it has a really high rating.

'Last Love'- tells the story of Matthew Morgan (played by Michael Caine) who while living in Paris meets a young woman (Clemence Poesy) who makes him happy to live again. Overall, I enjoyed it and I cried a little at the end. I did think it was super cheesy and staged though. For example, when Matthew meets this young woman it is so forced and their chemistry is forced. People that have romantic hopes might meet like this but for both him and her to want to get to know each other is just so odd. There are other parts of the film that are pretty unbelievable and annoying like.... Matthew's son comes to visit later in the story and falls for the young woman while he just so happens to be getting a divorce. It all plays out with no natural feel for how people really interact or act even. It's a movie what should I expect? I do like the thought though that two people that really need each other meet and change each other. It is a winning premise but I can't act as if the film has no flaws. This would be great for a quiet night at home.

Also streaming 'Let Go' starring David Denman, Edward AsnerKevin Hart, Gillian Jacobs and many others. This is my first time seeing Kevin Hart in a serious role (he is the reason why I watched the movie). Denman plays a parole officer checking in on his three clients that all have personal issues (the other actors listed above) as he deals with his own personal demons.

Well, first none of the characters look like their stereotypical roles. This was one of those movies where I tuned in and out of, paused and went back a few minutes to see what I missed,  and did something else while I watched it. I guess you can guess it was boring. Sad people, people with problems, dialogue heavy, boring, boring boring. Not to say that the story wasn't a good idea or that the acting wasn't good, I just didn't enjoy watching it. This one might be worth a second watch to appreciate it more. I thought this would be more like 'Mumford' which is similar but a better film. I'll give it one star.


  1. Hi, thank you for your visit to my blog! I'm glad I was able to find your blog. It's really lovely! It's not listed in your blogger profile so I had to do a google search.

    Great reviews. I haven't heard of these two films before. I'm a Michael Caine fan, but this film seems kinda cliched. I'm surprised/glad to see Kevin Hart in a serious role...and sad it only got one star. I guess I won't be seeing these two films!

    1. Ha they both aren't horrible just not stand out films. I'd recommend Last Love if you enjoy romance films. Thanks for telling me about my profile I will update.