Friday, May 13, 2016

The Age of Adaline-review

'The Age of Adaline'- is a romance film that is sort of a fantasy as well. Starring the lovely Blake Lively who should be hotter than maybe some other blonde actresses at the moment but I guess only one can be hot at a time. The film is about a woman named Adaline who in a freak accident loses the ability to age. As a result she has limited relationships with people and when she meets then falls for a guy for the first time in years her life becomes even more complicated. I'm not going to spoil the film and this review will be short.

   I thought this film was cute and although the fantasy pill is a little hard to swallow I enjoyed the ride. Blake Lively does a great job playing the character of Adaline giving her a very sophisticated presence. Harrison Ford is also in the film another actor I've been a long time fan of. He also does a great job in the film. This would be a great date night movie. I got this as a loan from the library but I'm pretty sure it's on Netflix. So, maybe Netflix and Chill for those of you that do that.  3 stars

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