Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ghostbusters- Review

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I have been waiting on this film to come out. I love the original films and I thought they could easily make a good reboot with or without women as the Ghostbusters. 

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this film and I get it but it was a good film. The issue that I too had a problem with was the Leslie Jones character not being a scientist as well. Although, her character was funny it was stereotypical and it would have been that more badass if she was a scientist too. I see how the character probably came about though as the original Black character Winston just simply wanted a job and wasn't a professor like the other guys.  So, I get the move and for comedic appeal the character had to be so easy to write for.  I don't think it went too sassy black female and I'm glad Melissa McCarthy toned it down as her humor can be too over the top for me as well. People really like Kate McKinnon's role but I found her to be annoying and I kept thinking why is she acting like that. Maybe, if I was already a fan of hers I would feel differently. Kristen Wiig was funny with the best character arc. The film wasn't perfect dragging at points and the bad guy was odd. The battle scene had some great parts and sold the women as the next generation of Ghostbusters. We really need these female superheroes and I'm happy to have them. I enjoyed the film and I can't hate on it at all. 
Correction: Actually, I can hate on it bc it continues the use of comedic relief through stereotypes however I did like the rest of it. Also, I can see that it might not say to little girls black women can be scientists but I think it can easily say to them who will see it in a more of what's in front of them kind of way that they could be a Ghostbuster.

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