Sunday, July 31, 2016

On DVD: Amy - review

Amy Winehouse has her life story painted for us in this not so pretty documentary.  The film begins with young Amy and ends of course on her tragic death.  I'm not sure what's up with these films and why they have to focus more on the tragic sides of the artists.  When I finished the film I was depressed, like I walked through hell with her.  I mean it's long and the major pitfalls in her life are highlighted again and again.  It makes it clear that she was sweet and she was real. It's also obvious she was loved by many as an artist and men crushed on her( I'm sure women did too). I walked away feeling more sorry for her than amazed by her talent.  It's like it said this is how the industry destroys a good heart.

But being that I was already a fan of hers I revisited her music. ..... she could sing like she says.
I think if I were to ever do a documentary film, especially about someone I admire, I'd make it lean wayyyy more towards highlighting their artistic genius and what they gave to the world.  Nas in an interview says she told him she used to bring food for the paparazzi that camped in front of her house. Things like this should have been in the film.  Aside from the depressing theme, it was a well done film. The interviews,  photographs, old footage, and stock footage were combined smoothly to tell a well put together narrative.  Is it worth your time?  Yep, then afterwards watch a nice feel good movie to balance out your emotions.

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