Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets - Review

My son and I bought a mystery bag for this film and I posted a video on my instagram. I felt up the bag thinking it was Snowball but  it turned out to be Croc the Crocodile in the film that we didn't  even know was in the movie(note this is why I used the poster above). This was a big disappointment for my son. I faced the same disappointment with the film... well actually I didn't think it would be that great in the first place.

In this film, Max is a dog that lives with his owner in pure bliss until she brings home Duke (the big brown dog in the promos) . Now, Duke and Max battle for most of the film until Max realizes that Duke just wants love too.

Bad parts: As a person that doesn't have any pets and never have had one, I have never asked the question what do they do all day.  I thought the film had dark theme with the outcast or ousted pets led by Snowball. They gave Kevin Hart little room to be funny with the dialogue. The films seems to be a whole bunch of scenes that don't really move the story along.

Good parts: The evil alley cats scene was well orchestrated props to the animators for that. There is a scene towards the end when Max and Duke finally get on the same page that is more typical of how most of these kids films start. This scene and the last 20 minutes or so is where the film got better. My favorite character was Duke with his bubbly personality.

This is better as a rental or dollar show trip. The film just didn't have much heart with most of it spent trying (I mean trying) to be funny.


  1. "Trying" to be funny is right. I wanted to laugh more, but the script just wasn't very good.