Friday, September 09, 2016

Twilight- review

This was me after watching this film for the first time.  Hahaha I just wanted to share this picture and to say I should have skipped this movie. It just wasn't my type of movie but I get the appeal. 

The Get Down Season 1- review

This is going to be a short review. I haven't been to the movies in some time. I started watching DVDs and Netflix shows to ease my mind. I might review some of the DVDs just for fun.

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'The Get Down' is an original Netflix series that explores the origins of Hip Hop. The first episode was great to me. I really dig the idea of a show that makes me remember how awesome Hip Hip is or was you know. The cast is good even with all the newcomers it still works. My biggest problem with the show is that it is full of what some might call fillers. A lot of the scenes don't movie the story along and to me they make it drag. I think they often said this would be cool let's put that in or we should write this person in cause that will be cool.  At times it can get corny and it can get boring. I don't know if I will check out the next season unless they start featuring some famous Hip Hop artists. I really want to give the cast props though because heck I'm impressed haha. Of course the artistic style of it is not to be ignored either. It is very fresh and Baz has done something amazing here visually.  My son was really into during the performance scenes. I know it's not a show for kids but maybe it is. I think actually if I reviewed this thinking of my teenage self I probably would love this show. This actually sounds like a smart move and maybe that is the direction they are going since another one of their original shows 'Stranger Things' also centers around a young cast.  That's the end of my review....I hope you are well!