Saturday, November 26, 2016

On Netflix-Black Mirror Season 3- review

Oh the joys of binge watching. I also binged "Insecure" season 1 a fun comedy on HBO and Luke Cage so yeahh more reviews to come.

Black Mirror Season 3-
The first two seasons of the show made me more open to new shows. As a person who basically watches old tv shows the past year has made me believe in TV again. Most of my favorites have been online shows but there are several network shows that I like as well.

Going to break this down per episode"
Episode 1: Nosedive- a good start with long drawn out moments but a good spin on our need for acceptance.
Episode 2: Playtest- good plot annoying acting and bad execution.
Episode 3: Shut up and dance - not very original but I liked the ending.
Episode 4: San Junipero- good almost my favorite episode of the season.
Episode 5: Men Against Fire-I disliked it so much I skipped to the next episode. Zombies boo
Episode 6: Hated in the nation- a great crime drama that addresses the social media craze and how it can destroy us all.

Okay so this season wasn't as good as the ones before but there are some gems in there.

Arrival- reiew

"Arrival"- tells the story of a linguist hired to communicate with aliens.
The films starts off great and the cinematography is amazing (been following the cinematographer Bradford Young for some time now). I like Amy Adams (as the linguist) in the film because it is a role where she breaks away from the bubbly annoying characters of her past (just my opinion). Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner shine as well in a well written script.

Although I mentioned all those good points above....I guess I'm going to be one of those people that wasn't in love with the film. The film starts off  exposing the lead characters loss of a child and then takes us to her flying off to communicate with aliens. We get to the spaceship and it takes a few visits before Adam's character can sort of communicate with the aliens.
I thought the film would turn into an action packed alien attack film that relied on this woman to use her need to heal to save the world. It never picks up pace instead it get's complex and there are a few plot twists that happen which I won't spoil for you. At one point I grabbed my head and said this film is making me think too much.  What I got from it and I could be wrong is that the aliens gave them the knowledge/language to know and to prevent bad things from happening or better yet to see the future.  What I don't get is okay the aliens allow Adam's character to see the future or was she having these visions all along before they came? There are moments in the flashbacks where it seems she knows the daughter's outcome before. Aha there it because she does know, duh hahahah. From the middle to the end I just wanted more action. Overall, it was a good film and a great addition to the genre. Share your thoughts on the ending with me.

Update: I had to change my rating I really don't think this deserves a 4. 4's are given to films that I will watch again.

Sing- trailer

Mr. Church-review

"Mr. Church"- is the story of a man named Mr. Church hired by a woman's ex-lover to cook for her and her daughter for a period of six months (sound good?). If you read the synopsis from other sites when it is switched to say a Black cook is hired to work for a White woman and her daughter you might think who came up with this. I get the story at the heart of this film. I think they could have made the same film without the cook being Black or even if the mother and daughter were Black.  I actually love these kind of films. Small town movies and feel good movies keep me watching movies because they don't rely on the glitz and glamour. There are moments in the film when I thought this isn't as bad as they say, then they turn around and hit you with another bit of lame dialogue or a lame scene that just doesn't make it feel genuine. I don't know if it was important to the story for the chef to be Black and an amazing cook or if it was really about how two people that need each other find each other. Eddie Murphy is a great dramatic actor to me but this film wasn't good. It wasn't awful but it is forgettable. Giving this two points for the acting.

Fences- Trailer


(picture from freaksugar)

"Moana"- tells the story of a young girl named Moana who loves the ocean and feels it calling her. Based on ancient prophecies the ocean has chosen her to be the one to save her people. She sets off on a mission to find the one named Maui and return something he stole.

We caught the film in 3-d an option we usually skip but I enjoyed this film in 3-d and would recommend seeing it in 3-d. Ha

Talk about girl power.... the film has a strong lead female character. You can't help but root for Moana and when she meets Maui you are convinced Disney has a winner this time around. The soundtrack is fun and one we've already been singing in the car. I can't recall an animated film that I've watched after the "Lion King" with a soundtrack I wanted to listen to.  The buzz about this film or better yet the winning element that most people mention in regards to the film is that there is no love story. Ha, but just because she has no romance involved doesn't mean that love isn't at the root of this story. Moana has a lot of love for her people and Maui needs love so there....the movie is full of love.
My friend asked his kids is this better than "Zootopia," which I'm sure will be the question at the Academy awards. Although Zootopia has a great script, Moana took the risk to tell an animated story without using bears and lions to get the point across. I think it's important for kids to see more animated heroes that look like them and pay tribute to their unique cultures. That and Moana's soundtrack give it the win from me.

Spoilers- My son said his favorite parts were when Maui got his hook back and when the crab changed colors. 
Also, the chicken joke got a bit annoying.