Saturday, November 26, 2016

Arrival- reiew

"Arrival"- tells the story of a linguist hired to communicate with aliens.
The films starts off great and the cinematography is amazing (been following the cinematographer Bradford Young for some time now). I like Amy Adams (as the linguist) in the film because it is a role where she breaks away from the bubbly annoying characters of her past (just my opinion). Forest Whitaker and Jeremy Renner shine as well in a well written script.

Although I mentioned all those good points above....I guess I'm going to be one of those people that wasn't in love with the film. The film starts off  exposing the lead characters loss of a child and then takes us to her flying off to communicate with aliens. We get to the spaceship and it takes a few visits before Adam's character can sort of communicate with the aliens.
I thought the film would turn into an action packed alien attack film that relied on this woman to use her need to heal to save the world. It never picks up pace instead it get's complex and there are a few plot twists that happen which I won't spoil for you. At one point I grabbed my head and said this film is making me think too much.  What I got from it and I could be wrong is that the aliens gave them the knowledge/language to know and to prevent bad things from happening or better yet to see the future.  What I don't get is okay the aliens allow Adam's character to see the future or was she having these visions all along before they came? There are moments in the flashbacks where it seems she knows the daughter's outcome before. Aha there it because she does know, duh hahahah. From the middle to the end I just wanted more action. Overall, it was a good film and a great addition to the genre. Share your thoughts on the ending with me.

Update: I had to change my rating I really don't think this deserves a 4. 4's are given to films that I will watch again.

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