Saturday, November 26, 2016


(picture from freaksugar)

"Moana"- tells the story of a young girl named Moana who loves the ocean and feels it calling her. Based on ancient prophecies the ocean has chosen her to be the one to save her people. She sets off on a mission to find the one named Maui and return something he stole.

We caught the film in 3-d an option we usually skip but I enjoyed this film in 3-d and would recommend seeing it in 3-d. Ha

Talk about girl power.... the film has a strong lead female character. You can't help but root for Moana and when she meets Maui you are convinced Disney has a winner this time around. The soundtrack is fun and one we've already been singing in the car. I can't recall an animated film that I've watched after the "Lion King" with a soundtrack I wanted to listen to.  The buzz about this film or better yet the winning element that most people mention in regards to the film is that there is no love story. Ha, but just because she has no romance involved doesn't mean that love isn't at the root of this story. Moana has a lot of love for her people and Maui needs love so there....the movie is full of love.
My friend asked his kids is this better than "Zootopia," which I'm sure will be the question at the Academy awards. Although Zootopia has a great script, Moana took the risk to tell an animated story without using bears and lions to get the point across. I think it's important for kids to see more animated heroes that look like them and pay tribute to their unique cultures. That and Moana's soundtrack give it the win from me.

Spoilers- My son said his favorite parts were when Maui got his hook back and when the crab changed colors. 
Also, the chicken joke got a bit annoying. 


  1. Great review! I was a big fan of this movie as well, and not just because I have a Hawaiian background. I agree that the film still remains full of love, even though there is no *love interest*.

    I liked Zootopia too, but Moana edges it out for me because it's just so gorgeous and it hits more emotional notes, I think.

    1. Thank you your review was well written almost praising it. This is going to be a tough year in the animated feature genre.