Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mr. Church-review

"Mr. Church"- is the story of a man named Mr. Church hired by a woman's ex-lover to cook for her and her daughter for a period of six months (sound good?). If you read the synopsis from other sites when it is switched to say a Black cook is hired to work for a White woman and her daughter you might think who came up with this. I get the story at the heart of this film. I think they could have made the same film without the cook being Black or even if the mother and daughter were Black.  I actually love these kind of films. Small town movies and feel good movies keep me watching movies because they don't rely on the glitz and glamour. There are moments in the film when I thought this isn't as bad as they say, then they turn around and hit you with another bit of lame dialogue or a lame scene that just doesn't make it feel genuine. I don't know if it was important to the story for the chef to be Black and an amazing cook or if it was really about how two people that need each other find each other. Eddie Murphy is a great dramatic actor to me but this film wasn't good. It wasn't awful but it is forgettable. Giving this two points for the acting.

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