Saturday, November 26, 2016

On Netflix-Black Mirror Season 3- review

Oh the joys of binge watching. I also binged "Insecure" season 1 a fun comedy on HBO and Luke Cage so yeahh more reviews to come.

Black Mirror Season 3-
The first two seasons of the show made me more open to new shows. As a person who basically watches old tv shows the past year has made me believe in TV again. Most of my favorites have been online shows but there are several network shows that I like as well.

Going to break this down per episode"
Episode 1: Nosedive- a good start with long drawn out moments but a good spin on our need for acceptance.
Episode 2: Playtest- good plot annoying acting and bad execution.
Episode 3: Shut up and dance - not very original but I liked the ending.
Episode 4: San Junipero- good almost my favorite episode of the season.
Episode 5: Men Against Fire-I disliked it so much I skipped to the next episode. Zombies boo
Episode 6: Hated in the nation- a great crime drama that addresses the social media craze and how it can destroy us all.

Okay so this season wasn't as good as the ones before but there are some gems in there.


  1. I recently finished Luke Cage and just started on Black Mirror. What an intriguing series.

    1. I loved Luke Cage for it's cultural references, it's music score, and it's non-love driven story. Black Mirror although not every episode is great is just doing something to the brain haha I love how it addresses our social issues.