Thursday, December 22, 2016


As I went to fetch this photo for this review and looked at it up close I am just now seeing this is a combination of the three actors that play the lead role (please tell me I'm not the only one who is this slow).

Moonlight- a new film by Barry Jenkins, tells the story of Chiron a young boy that grows into an adult man that never addressed his sexuality. As a young child and a teenager he is bullied about his sexual preference which he hasn't yet claimed. The film has a lot of artistic moments better yet stylized moments that reminded me of Spike's signature techniques not because they were the same but because they can be loved or hated (that run on sentence).

Okay so to me it took some time for the film to build momentum and I'll also add that the other characters were there but they didn't have enough story to them. I say this because there are so many unanswered questions about them but then again it isn't their story. I thought the film would address growing up in the South and the stigma of being homosexual more from the parent's ideals pushed on their kids. The film gave us a little bit of that but it seemed his biggest battle with his sexuality was among his peers. I don't know how men handle their friendships with other men that have an opposite sexual preference. Most straight men I know just don't have gay friends. The unique spin on this tale is that the lead character grows into a thuggish drug dealer look and you would never think he was gay. So, as a woman I went there with my thoughts thinking geez this is why there are so many down-low men.
Can I steer away from this for a moment? I remember one time I joked on fb about my son trying on my heels. It turned into a big debate in the comment section. Later, my guy friend told me he thinks there is something to boys being raised by single mothers and then growing up to be gay. I didn't take this well as I don't take well any remarks about single mothers that some how suggest we are incapable. I know it's a film but I don't think his mother stopped him from showing who he really is or turned him gay. Some might argue the mean mother that he hated started his hate for all women. You see where I am going here. The film is more about how men do this to each other. It is so shunned among each other sometimes that how can they even be honest with each other.

I think what got me in the feels was one big thing about the movie
1) The love story...the thing most of us are able to relate to. The loving  of someone and it being taboo or not reciprocated when we want it.

Okay last remarks the set design and the wardrobe were spot on and authentic kudos kudos. The acting was good like everyone else is saying. I didn't love the movie but I enjoyed it and like the story. There are scenes that stood out but I won't spoil it for you. I am also a B. Jenkins fan since his first film glad to see him still making movies.

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