Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sing- review

Looks like we've seen most of the popular animated films this year except for Trolls

Sing- tells the story of Buster Moon a theater owner out to save his theater by holding a singing competition. Obstacles arise for him as he continues his shady practices and as he deals with aspiring stars that have challenges in their own lives. 

Gonna keep it short since I have nothing profound to say about the film. It was a cute movie and my son liked it. Most of the kids in the theater clapped, cheered, and sang along. For me it was a bit like watching an actual singing competition and listening to all the overplayed pop songs of the decade. I think I laughed once or twice but not much. The trailers for the film feature a good percent of the movie and it's most comedic moments. It's not the best animated film of the year but it's worth going see over this holiday break. 

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