Monday, April 04, 2016


Concussion- (it's been so long I feel like I may need to re-watch it to write this ha)
After, the Oscars So White hashtag and media buzz I was disappointed this film wasn't nominated.  I don't think the film was great but it was just as good as many of the other films I watched last year. I really hoped to cheer for Will Smith even though he could have been phenomenal he still would have lost to Leo.  I also think David Morse got snubbed. This wasn't a film that did anything for me and honestly I wouldn't want to watch it again. I think the script just failed the subject matter. The Oscars So White media frenzy also made it easy for the NFL to not have to address this. Sure, a few athletes and non-athletes attacked the NFL after learning what concussions can really do but little has changed.
I'm not sure if the story intended to make the football players seem to drastically have mental health issues via the editing or if they just didn't give enough time to each players life. (I should get some sleep)What I mean is they introduced us to these characters briefly then killed them off in the next scene we saw them in.
I just didn't walk away in love with this character or feeling like he was a hero (he is) which I think is what they were going for. I have changed my mind about wanting my kids to play football. So, still a win for the film creators.

Eddie the Eagle-review

Eddie the Eagle- is a good feel good movie. I did a double feature with my son the day I saw this. My son is 5 and he wasn't really into the movie. He only really liked the ski jump scenes. Oh yea by the way, this film is based on a true story about a Ski Jump legend named Eddie nicknamed Eddie the Eagle. I too was a bit bored at times during the film. I think they overdid the I guess you'd call it the signature facial expressions Eddie was known for and making him appear as a total underdog. What I did like was, the overall message of the film common in these types of movies like "never give up on your dreams" and you can do anything" stuff like that. I also chose this film for the subject matter. I am constantly trying to expose my son to as many things as possible (you know what I mean).  Kids nowadays are usually told of generic professions and so few know about all the things you can do and become.  I think we should encourage kids to dream of less ordinary options. So, because of that, because positive images are good and because we also want to show them what courage looks like I support films like this.

The Perfect Match- review

The Perfect Match- is a love story...... or is it? 
I've seen a bunch of movies and although I'm a bit over writing reviews I thought I would update with a few. 
Starring Cassie and Terrence J., this Bille Woodruff directed romance is a cute film. It doesn't try too hard to pull on your emotions and I actually think it could have been longer to give the romance more time to develop. I missed the first 15-20 minutes of the film and it seems like I missed a lot based on the previews. Overall, It felt like a film about two good looking people making out with a cool story but not a strong one. 
Cassie had a natural style to her acting while Terrence J. seemed over the top at times. 
The film would be great for a date night. 

Miles Ahead Official Trailer