Saturday, January 07, 2017

Fences- review

To this day, I still regret not being able to see "Fences" on the Broadway stage (with Denzel and Viola)and not seeing "Topdog/Underdog" (with Mos Def and Jeffrey Wright).  Life goes on....and years later we have Fences on the big screen maybe someone will produce Topdog next.
I might also regret not reading the play first since it is on my to read list. It is on my bookshelf waiting for me to read it next but whatever.

Fences- is the story or Troy an ex-baseball player and an alcoholic that is having a hard time providing for his family. This moving dramatic piece is well worth the trip to the movies. I loved all of it! The acting... amazing, the setting... amazing, the directing.... amazing. I love stories that move based on people's relationships with one and other. I think the film is not getting as much praise as it should. I have watched other contenders from this year and it tops my list. I would like to see Denzel getting more director noms(just saying).

It's been a pretty good year of film if I do say so and TV series too.

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  1. I read the play for this a long time ago and thought the dialogue was excellent, so it was interesting to see it on the big screen with such powerhouse actors.

    It really has been a good year for film and TV!